Our Team

James Noon

  • Robust property and investment portfolio 
  • Tennis lover
  • Tennis facility entrepreneur

🏠 Property Investment Savvy

With solid stakes in the UK and Australian real estate markets, I've cultivated a deep understanding of property investment dynamics. This expertise has not only allowed me to develop a robust investment portfolio but also to contribute to the communities that I invest in by enhancing property values and lifestyle opportunities.

🩺 A Doctor's Journey

Trained in the UK and with over two decades of medical experience under my belt, I've donned the white coat with pride and purpose. Transitioning from Britain to Australia, I've continued my vocation with a special focus on child psychiatry. My practice is more than a profession—it's a platform to advocate for and implement the pillars of a healthy, balanced lifestyle for children and their families.

🎾 Passion for Tennis

As a tournament player and proud club champion, tennis is not just a hobby—it's an extension of my life. The sport has been an incredible avenue for discipline, fitness, and community engagement. Through tennis, I've forged lifelong friendships and celebrated countless victories, both on and off the court.

🏗️ The Padel Proposition

The fusion of my professional life and my enthusiasm for racquet sports led to a natural progression: the installation of padel tennis courts. Recognizing the impact of this sport during a tennis trip to La Manga with my friend Gavid, I saw firsthand how padel tennis brought a new level of excitement and inclusivity to the sporting complex.

The animated discussions at the bar, the rearranged furniture for the best court views, the vibrant atmosphere—all pointed to the unifying charm of padel. With its easy-to-learn, hard-to-master gameplay, padel tennis offers something for everyone, inviting players of all ages and skill levels to share in the joy of the game.

🤝 Let's Collaborate

I am eager to bring this energetic and engaging sport to your venue, ensuring that padel tennis enhances the allure and community spirit of your establishment. Partnering with me means committing to excellence in service, quality installation, and transparent communication.

Let's turn your venue into a hub of health, happiness, and high-quality padel play. Reach out, and let's make padel tennis a highlight in your community.

Gavid Vickers

  • 20+ years in tennis and sports centre management
  • Experienced LTA tennis coach, tennis club champion
  • Tennis facility entrepreneur

🏗️ Professional Expertise

My career in senior leisure management roles has been characterised by a commitment to excellence and a drive to create environments where health & fitness are integral to daily life. I am a leader in the seamless operation of top-tier recreational facilities with a strong focus on customer satisfaction.  I have built tennis club facilities, installed courts and created cafes.

🎾 Tennis Coaching

Driven by a passion for tennis and an entrepreneurial spirit, I own and manage a successful tennis coaching business in the south of England.  The business touches the lives of thousands of adults and children each week through engaging and educational tennis sessions. I have nurtured the next generation of tennis talent and coached youngsters to professional level.

🇪🇸 Padel Tennis and Spain

My love for padel tennis blossomed in La Manga, Spain, where I spent years playing, living and breathing this exhilarating sport. The simplicity and social nature of padel captured my imagination, and thus a vision took shape—to bring padel home for enthusiasts in the UK.

🚀 A Vision for Padel

I see padel as more than a sport; it's a community builder and a fun, fast-paced game which is easier to pick up and play than traditional tennis.  I am now at the forefront of introducing padel to a broader audience, advocating for its growth and accessibility.

📈 My Mission

"It's tennis, simplified," is how I often describe padel's approachable playstyle. My mission is to make padel a household name, ensuring that everyone, from the young beginner to the seasoned athlete, can enjoy the competition and camaraderie of this fantastic sport.

Join me in spreading the love for padel—where every serve brings us closer and every game is a step towards a more active community.  Let's do it!